Think big. Act fast. Advance the world.

As industries converge, they create new value and opportunities for businesses. But how to navigate this fast-changing environment? How to predict the unexpected? 

At Main Origo, we’re dedicated to help you sort through the noise and discover the untapped potentials in your business - wherever you compete. 

As a dynamically growing consulting and holding firm, our mission is to help ambitious business leaders in the EU and the UAE region solve their most pressing challenges and outperform their competition by embracing industry disruption as an opportunity to succeed.

Our international team of highly experienced professionals brings new ideas and solutions to complex problems by equipping our clients with a fresh perspective on their businesses. We solve challenges in the mobility, IT, e-commerce, real estate as well as building and construction sectors by providing first-class services in the areas of marketing, HR and finance. 

What sets us apart?

We practise what we preach.

Due to our holding activities, we are present in a wide variety of sectors, using our consulting experience to help brands such as Bolt and Swapp thrive as part of our continually expanding group.

In order to succeed, we are constantly striving to tap into innovation from a wide range of sources and bring new ideas to market swiftly. And we are happy to help you do the same.

Our secret to success?

We don’t settle for routine - our aspiration to achieve extraordinary results is the fueling force behind our success. We help you identify untapped opportunities and work alongside you, shoulder to shoulder, to unlock new levels of efficiency, profitability and growth.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do: as the global business landscape evolves, we continue to seek out bold solutions that will make you better, faster and smarter at what you do. Our agile approach enables us to tailor our services specifically to your needs even in rapidly changing business environments.

In order to turn decisions swiftly into action, we combine innovative thinking with a down-to-earth approach. Our goal is to provide you with business practices that not only make your company fit for the future, but also shape the future of your industry.

Our Services

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